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APON Centre

Uttar Singair, Bangladesh

Is a local NGO registered with Ngo Affairs Bureau and department of Narcotics Control and member of the Asian Federation of Therapeutic Communities.

The Bangladesh Child Rights Forum survey showed that many of the country’s street children come from drug abusing family background. Reports have also shown that Bangladeshi children usually start smoking before the age of 7, with some smoking heroin and few more smoking Cannabis. While most of this children use “ dandy ”, sniffing glue as inhalants.

"AN ADDICT IS SICK, NOT BAD, NOT MAD"With this slogan APON started its journey in 1994 to generate awareness in the community about drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation and to establish the rights of all drug users, including those from marginalized groups.With money inherited from his family in the U.S.A., Brother Ronald Drahozal purchased a three-acre land at Singair to make a permanent treatment and rehabilitation centre, called APONGAON (APON village) for a comprehensive support to the drug users, male, female adult and child drug addicts.

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