Rajasthan - profumi di colore 



Nepal - Namaste 

Portrait of people I met during my journey in Nepal.


China - Behind the wall  

Beyond the wall is simply a photographic reflection on the historical change which is taking place in such a vast country : China.

Observing this Chinese - deep with his eyes beyond the wall of an antique dwelling place located in the centre of Ningbo – inspired me to imagine for a moment his thoughts, probably his doubts or his astonishment for such a big contrast. The wish of experiencing new architectures, and at the same time the need of preserving the history of his country, is the main theme of the works created from Chinese architect Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture studio, recently awarded of Pritzker Architecture Prize 2012. Some of his projects are illustrated here further and in some way these would like to reassure who is looking behind the wall. They can still see someone is trying with his contribution to preserve what little which still remains to keep alive.

Tanzania - family Safari 



Zanziwood- Drift Wood photography collection - Mnemba Island - Tanzania 



Naturamahè - Tropical photography collection - Mahé Island - Seychelles -  



India - Body & Soul  

Chi ama l'India lo sa: non si sa esattamente perché la si ama. È sporca, è povera, è infetta; a volte è ladra e bugiarda, spesso maleodorante, corrotta, impietosa e indifferente . Eppure, una volta incontrata non se ne può fare a meno. In India si dice che l’ora più bella è quella dell’alba, quando la distinzione tra tenebre e luce non è ancora netta, e l’uomo se vuole, se sa fare attenzione, può intuire che tutto ciò che nella vita gli appare in contrasto, il buio e la luce, il falso e il vero non sono che due aspetti della stessa cosa.


APON - a light in the darkness

Given the extent of drug abuse in Bangladesh, there are still very few otpions for treatment and rehabilitation throughout the country.

Public Sector services are limited and within the private sector there are just few that can offer a high standard of care provision.

With limited resources available to combat addiction some them are the only ones available to assist and help those that are living below the poverty line. APON Addiction Rehabilitation Residence  is the one I recently visited and I have decided to dedicate this book,in the hope that this light will always shine brightly in the darkness.