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Bahraini Cowboys is a project that I started 12 years ago when by chance I came across a Cowboy on Horseback, with a German Shepherd dog and a white donkey. As I guess everyone would have, I wondered what was a Cowboy doing on an island in the Arabian Gulf !??!

Subsequently I managed to get in touch with an increasingly large group of Cowboys and I began to follow them in their events that took place weekly in various parts of the island.

These guys who today form a community of about 500 members are the result of the passion that some "uncle" had in the 80s matured by watching American western films and Italian spaghetti westerns, inspired by the main actors of the time such as Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Franco Nero, the director Sergio Leone and the unforgettable soundtracks of Ennio Morricone.

More than a documentary on what someone calls a "subculture", this long-term project of mine wants to tell with a personal photographic eye, the many stories of great sporting rivalry, but also of fraternity, community and friendship that I find in front to my lenses, every time I have the pleasure of being with these extraordinary characters.

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