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VAROSHA, frozen in time

"From the fence blocking access to the Varosha shoreline, the apartment blocks, restaurants and hotels by the sea ..... are nothing but decaying concrete skeletons, massive urban tombstones resolutely resisting the passing of time

The story of Varosha is a tragic one that revolves around a once-thriving tourist resort in the city of Famagusta, located on the eastern coast of Cyprus. Varosha was once a bustling destination known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, and vibrant nightlife. However, its fate took a drastic turn in 1974 during the events of the Cyprus conflict.


On The Wheels

Photographic project that collects the best extravagant nocturnal portraits of the most significant food trucks operating on the island of Bahrain

This important proliferation of food trucks in recent years means how much the local population loves nightlife, which especially in the summer season is the most popular due to the often prohibitive daily weather conditions. Traveling around the island with air-conditioned vehicles, combined with food, is an unmissable opportunity !

Almost all photos were usually taken before peak times, just to isolate the subject and somehow perceive the tension of waiting and focus on its design and soul..


APON - a light in the darkness

Given the extent of drug abuse in Bangladesh, there are still very few otpions for treatment and rehabilitation throughout the country.

Public Sector services are limited and within the private sector there are just few that can offer a high standard of care provision.

With limited resources available to combat addiction some them are the only ones available to assist and help those that are living below the poverty line. APON Addiction Rehabilitation Residence  is the one I recently visited and I have decided to dedicate this book,in the hope that this light will always shine brightly in the darkness.

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China - behind the wall

Beyond the wall is simply a photographic reflection on the historical change which is taking place in such a vast country : China.

Observing this Chinese - deep with his eyes beyond the wall of an antique dwelling place located in the centre of Ningbo – inspired me to imagine for a moment his thoughts, probably his doubts or his astonishment for such a big contrast. The wish of experiencing new architectures, and at the same time the need of preserving the history of his country, is the main theme of the works created from Chinese architect Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture studio, recently awarded of Pritzker Architecture Prize 2012. Some of his projects are illustrated here further and in some way these would like to reassure who is looking behind the wall. They can still see someone is trying with his contribution to preserve what little which still remains to keep alive.

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India - Body & Soul


Those who love India know it: they do not know exactly why they love it. It is dirty, it is poor, it is infected; she is sometimes a thief and a liar, often smelly, corrupt, merciless and indifferent. Yet once met, you can't help it. In India it is said that the most beautiful hour is that of dawn, when the distinction between darkness and light is not yet clear, and man if he wants, if he can be careful, can understand that everything that appears in life to him in contrast, the dark and the light, the false and the true are only two aspects of the same thing. TIZIANO TERZANI



Drift Wood photography collection - Mnemba Island - Tanzania 

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Collection of foliage, flowers and landscapes from Mahè island - Seychelles

A photographic work inspired from the magica encounter in his home in Mahe', with the Master Gianpaolo Barbieri.

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Out door sofas and armchair collection from Bahrain.
Accompanied by the nostalgia of their previous life and foreeseing an uncertain future



Portrait of people I met during my journey in Nepal.



Reportage of my family's Safari in Tanzania


Rajasthan - profumi di colore

Reportage of my trip in Rajasthan, India 2005


Office & Corporate Interiors vol.1

Images  collection of projects realized by Fantoni Spa in the Middle East region  between 2002-2010

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Office & Corporate Interiors vol.2 

Images  collection of projects realized by Fantoni Spa in the Middle East region  between 2010-2016

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Office & Corporate Interiors vol.3 

Images  collection of projects realized by Fantoni Spa in the Middle East region  between 2016-2022

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