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Dhaka, Bangladesh

​Dhaka is the fastest growing city in the world, with a population of about 17 million and almost 20% of total population lives in the Slum's.

Most of them are situated near to the railway tracks because Railway Ministry has huge amount of Government land besides the rail lines. The nr.12 is the most populated. About 70% of these slum dwellers has come to Dhaka because of climate-change adversity. Extreme weather, floods and drought, force them to move their homes to the Capital. Most of these shelters consist of only one room, where families usually live quite numerous and where to live, to cook and perform their physiological needs is really a gamble.

During the night most of the families use Kerosene lamps, because the Government do not supply electricity, that usually it is stolen from the nearby buildings. Water is supplied through a hand-pump, and shared between many families. Sewerage system do not exist and toilettes are simply furrow in the soil, open sky. On the railway line is number 12, are passing at least 50 trains per day, and many frequent accidents happens , involving especially children that are playing beside the trucks.

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